Thursday, 19 May 2011

War Jorunal: Chinese aircraft carrier almost complete

These images show an aircraft carrier that’s very close to being launched. Now Taiwanese have reason to be afraid.
 “That will make Taiwan vulnerable to enemy attacks at sea from both front and rear" said Lan Ning-li retired vice admiral in the Republic of China Navy

 The 302m long and 70.5m wide carrier, which comes with a loaded displacement of 67,000 tonnes and a speed of between 29 knots and 31 knots, can host as many as 50 aircraft of various types — possibly including Russian-made SU-33 and carrier-modified, Chinese-made J-10, as well as anti-submarine -helicopters and early-warning helicopters. source:


 Short background:

The first official plan of PLAN ( People's Liberation Army Navy) aircraft carrier dated back on March 31, 1987 when the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense approved the plan on the aircraft carrier and the next generation nuclear submarine for PLAN submitted by the then commander-in-chief of PLAN, Liu Huaqing. The original plan was to be progressed in stages, with basic research to be completed by the end of the 7th 5-year plan, and development of the platform and aircraft to be completed by the end of the 8th 5-year plan. By the year 2000, construction was to begin when ordered.In late 2008, and through early 2009, there have been foreign reports that China will start building two 50,000-60,000 ton aircraft carriers that may be finished early 2012. Whether the two ships will be similar to the Varyag (ski jump) or American carriers (catapult) is not yet known.There are also some reports of a possibility of China building two nuclear powered Type 089 aircraft carriers



Intraman said...

wow impressive; the taiwanese must be crapping their pants :/